S. Ganguly & J. R. Lee: Chemical subdiffusivity of critical 2D percolation

Abstract: We show that random walk on the incipient infinite cluster (IIC) of two-dimensional critical percolation is subdiffusive in the chemical distance (i.e., in the intrinsic graph metric). Kesten (1986) famously showed that this is true for the Euclidean distance, but it is known that the chemical distance is typically asymptotically larger. More generally, we show that subdiffusivity in the chemical distance holds for stationary random graphs of polynomial volume growth, as long as there is a multiscale way of covering the graph so that “deep patches” have “thin backbones.” Our estimates are quantitative and give explicit bounds in terms of the one and two-arm exponents.

The approach is based on a general method of Lee to prove bounds on the speed of random walk on stationary random graphs using the notion of Markov type and uniformization of the graph metric, which will be reviewed.


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