Tom Hutchcroft (Caltech) and Antoine Jego (EPFL): Thick points of 4d critical branching Brownian motionRémy Mahfouf:

Abstract: We will describe forthcoming work in which we prove that branching Brownian motion in dimension four is governed by a nontrivial multifractal geometry and compute the associated exponents. As a part of this, we establish very precise estimates on the probability that a ball is hit by an unusually large number of particles, sharpening earlier works by Angel, Hutchcroft, and Jarai (2020) and Asselah and Schapira (2022) and allowing us to compute the Hausdorff dimension of the set of “a-thick” points for each a > 0. Surprisingly, we find that the exponent for the probability of a unit ball to be “a-thick” has a phase transition where it is differentiable but not twice differentiable at a = 2, while the dimension of the set of thick points is positive until a = 4. If time permits, we will also discuss a new strong coupling theorem for branching random walk that allows us to prove analogues of some of our results in the discrete case. Joint work with Nathanael Berestycki



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