K. Izyurov: Energy correlations in the critical Ising model on a torus

Abstract: We compute rigorously the scaling limit of multi-point energy correlations in the critical Ising model on a torus. For the one-point function, averaged between horizontal and vertical edges of the square lattice, this result has been known since the 1969 work of Ferdinand and Fischer. We propose an alternative proof via a new exact formula in terms of determinants of discrete Laplacians. We then apply the discrete complex analysis methods of Smirnov and Hongler to compute the multi-point correlations. The fermionic observables are only periodic with doubled periods; by anti-symmetrization, this leads to contributions from four “sectors”. The main new challenge arises in the doubly periodic sector, due to the existence of non-zero constant (discrete) analytic functions. We show that some additional input, namely the scaling limit of the one-point function and of relative contribution of sectors to the partition function, is sufficient to compute all correlations. Joint work with A. Kemppainen and P. Tuisku.


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